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Thread: Cool ass story

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    2 months ago my dog who has epilepsy turned up missing from my back yard. The pound didn't have her so all I could do was pray that she got a good home. I had taken her collar off to give her a bath but put it off so if she had escaped nobody would have known where she lived. I thought about her and hoped she had a good loving home since then. Well today, I come home from work and she is in the back yard. Who ever took her must not have liked yappy dogs. I'm one happy girl right now. MY DOGGY IS HOME!!!!!!!

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    Congrats Topless!! That's so amazing that someone put her back, you're very lucky

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    Decided Advantage
    That's cool!
    Our dogs mean the world to us.
    I'm glad it worked out. It sounds like you need each other

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    Awesome story. Glad you got your dog back.

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    Great news! Amazing how sometimes they find their way back. :rollside:

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    Maybe the dog just came back for the coller? J/K

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    Devil's Advocate
    Good he's home safe and you got your doggy back.

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    Great for you.
    But dammit, my dog is missing. I only got her a couple months ago. She did yap a lot though.... Oh well.

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    Good deal! Bet you are happy..... :rollside:

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    I'm thinking that she peed in the house, yapped too much and drove them crazy or had a seziure and scared the hell out of them. Either way she is going to the groomer Saturday AND getting a new collar. I missed her so much!!!! She missed me too.

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