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Thread: Any Buell Racers Out There

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    We have (1) of the very limited production Buell XBRR - this is race use only and can't be registered for street use. A collector may also like this one. Brand new, still in the crate can be shipped any where in the world. They made 50 and only 25 are in the US. $30,000 and it can be yours. We have not uncrated it or even opened it so if you want to see pics, I would have to refer you to the Buell web site.

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    that is one bad azz bike! The XB9R & XB12R are sick as well and the pricing seems very reasonable for what you get. XB9R = $8,895 / XB12R = $10,495
    too many toys, not enough time...........

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    I like the look of them as well compared to the older tubular frame Buells. This particular bike, considering the limited production numbers would make a great collector's item, especially for the price. What would be even better is to have it prove itself, then turn it into a museum piece.
    We will see what happens with it.

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