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    V-Drive Tom
    My computer took a dump. Been away from the board for 3 weeks, just got it all running again. We think it was from a virus--who else downloaded the "Dancing Bush"? So--I'm back, you may care, you may not. E-mail responses coming to those who have e-mailed. Be talk'in to you. Thanks. TOM..

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    Tom, Good meeting you up at CFW over the weekend..The props(3 blade cleavers)we got from you Seems to work great, consistant 113s on Sunday in my boat(#28 Orange hydro) Looking to get Jeff's runnin up there soon.. Need to do alittle Strut & Shaft changing & we'll be there..Again,Thanks for all your expertice..
    You will be highly recemmended(sp) to all...

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    This is something you missed.
    The brown truck brought me something :-)
    Are you going to Ming??

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