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Thread: Usc Is In Deep Doo-doo

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    Not So Fast
    Wow, they look lost today Oregon State up 30-10 3rd quarter. Defense looks very average against an Oregon defense that looks great. USC has no offense, Oregon has lots!!! Pretty big upset right here. NSF

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    ya just saw that score....crazy....theyll take a pretty big dive onthe boards if that score holds up...good luck :crossx:

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    FOCK!! They still have time!

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    Not So Fast
    They just scored but I'm not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling like last year when you just had the feeling that no matter what they could pull it off. Different team this year no doubt. NSF

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    They're closing in!

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    Not So Fast
    Just scored again, 24-33 12 min to go, maybe?????????

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    Not So Fast
    Sorry, they went for 2 points, 25-33

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    i smell comeback

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    Not So Fast
    WOW what a game, but no banana for USC today!! NSF

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    That's too bad. That would have been one for the ages if they would have got that.

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