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Thread: Rexone Thanks from Shawn

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    Mike just received a quick e-mail from Shawn,he`s in Kuwait on his way home.He`s one excited kid He wanted to thank you and the others who said hi!! it really does mean alot to the guys and gals over there.Thank GOD he`s coming home. :clover:

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    That's great news he's coming home safe 3D.

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    Awesome news

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    3 daytona`s
    That's great news he's coming home safe 3D.
    I have to say just one more thing on this,it`s very difficult to listen to a kid convey his feelings.Shawn was offered tremendous sign on incentives and other perks.He was so sincere wants to hold his girlfriend in his arms,go have a cold beer with friends and family,BUT most of all drive down the road and not wonder if a roadside bomb will end his life.This will be a wonderful Thanksgiving for his family.

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