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    JB in so cal
    What Will T O Do Tonight?
    Play well and keep his cake hole shut?
    Play poorly and keep his cake hole shut?
    Play well and jibber jabber all night?
    Play poorly, jibber jabber all night AND get in Romo's face?

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    I will say the cake hole will not be shut no matter what. :rollside:

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    Hopefully he can catch the ball this week. I'm more worried about Romo making a good showing.

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    Howie Feltersnatch
    Romo loves to throw to TO. Look for him to have some catches whether they win or not.

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    He's gonna get shut-out, get in a fight with Romo, put on suspension, say he's sorry in a few days, and get this one before.... :crossx:

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    Bump... :crossx:

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    Howie Feltersnatch
    Man it sucks being right all the time...

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