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Thread: HOLY COW S*** EVERYWHERE! Friend of ours hits cow. PIX.

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    She was heading somwhere very late at night. Not sure how it happened. She is a very responsible driver, so Im sure it was a total accident.
    The fricken cow exploded and there was cow shit all over the outside and inside the car.
    DAMN red X's... Try the link.

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    nothin but x's man

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    Desert Rat
    Hope shes's ok. That kind of thing can really mess up your day....

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    nothin but x's man
    Damn, I can see it.
    Try this link...

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    Wow, thats fricken nutty. I hope she's ok. I think that little tree hanging on the steering column is going to get some overtime this week.

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    secure web at work i cant look at either

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    Water Romper
    DAMN!!!! :2purples:
    A cow did that? That gal is lucky to be alive!
    Would the farmer/rancher that owns the cow be liable for the damage?

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    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stink in that car has got to be outrageous!!!!!!!!

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    DAMN!!!! :2purples:
    Would the farmer/rancher that owns the cow be liable for the damage?
    That depends,, if it was range land the driver would have to pay for the cow and the farmer would not be responsible.

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    India is in mourning.....

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