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Thread: Not the same old Clippers :)

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    Only time will tell...I know the Lakers have stepped it up compared to last year, adding some key pieces and improving within themselves.

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    Took long enough. I am hoping they win the Pacific, anything else with the talent they have, would be a disapointment.

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    PHX is favored to win the Pac
    Yeah, but the Clipps can take them no problem.

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    I hope so but they are a problem for everybody. I hope they let Stodumiere take his time and come back. He has been trying to push to hard and it isn't really going how he would like. I prefer to beat the best teams with all their players there. That is the only way to do it. Beat the best while they are at full throttle. Then you really know where you stand.
    If the Clipps dictate the tempo, they will beat them every time. The Clipps are looking real good, they have the best talent they have ever had, are bigger and stronger and are healthy. I am rooting for them to win the Pac.

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    Nope, the franchise has changed quite a bit. They signed Kaman to a contract that intially was 5 years for $50m and changed it to $55m with additional incentives to get it done. In the past that would have let him go the FA route and probably (maybe) matched an offer from another team. They took an aggresive forward looking stance on this. Dunleavy said his contract signing was imperative to himself coming back after this year. It also allows flexibility with them signing Shaun Livinston to a long term next year.
    Yes, the Clippers are not the same old Clippers .
    I wonder if that is the best thing for the Clippers

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    Are you sure they are not the same? could have fooled me.:hammerhea
    I actually hope they can get Iverson, it will make them more competitive. If the coaching can work it out with him on the squad.

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Don't you mean F THE CLIPPERS

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    a catered life
    tough game for the flips tonight at home with utah....we already pissed them off by kicking their ass on their forst road trip to la so tonight they might use the flips as target practice....good luck dill

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