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Thread: new to jets and need advice

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    hello all i have a 1973 cheetah 16ft v bottom w 455 olds and a berkley jb i'm thinking of going to a zz383 gm crate motor. I believe from the dyno chart of this motor that i should do just fine for my needs.. 60 to 70mph range i know i will have to change a lot but in the long run it should be worth it. this is a small boat and i don't want to get too crazy plus i need all the room i can get interior mods dont matter becuase its all gone. this is a complete resto job thanks for your replies!

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    Send a Privte Message to Fleetimus, I believe he has the same type of hull and has tried a few modifications here and there.

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    Does it look like this?????
    Give me a call in the evenings.
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    yes it does but mine has a metal frame wind shield and a shorter snout on front

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    it also has a higher gunwhale behind driver and looks deeper everywhere. exhaust is thu hull and closed engine compartment

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    i have some pics but cant figure out how to get them here.

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    my advice is sell it and run like hell it can get very very expensive. i started with about the same and 20,000 later its done. Save yourself alot of time and bs and buy one that is allready finished for 5000 instaed of doing what i did. if your hell bent " like i was" and want to build it just go with a short block, with a little head work and a good marine cam.....

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    real boats are like jeeps and trucks...the're built not bought :hammer2:

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    I'm gonna have to agree to a certain extent with gforce. I had a day cruiser I wanted to build up and was advised not to do to the extreme amounts of money it would cost. I held off workin on the boat and in no time I found my hallett for a smokin price . It's not my dream boat but it's got all the equipment I want and it's 100% turnkey. Details later.
    You should at least look around before you start to spend to much.
    After all lookin dont cost anything.

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    I do not post here much, but be prepared to spend about 20K like gforce said. I have an excel spread sheet with tabs for seperate parts of the boat..etc. Right now I am up to 19k including the cost of the Nordic itself and I am not even ready yet. I did also change the head and camshaft combo after the rebuild of my 454. I did resell the parts as well to try and offset the cost of other parts...ha ya right. Good luck.

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