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Thread: Water Seperators

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    I'm No Expert shaun's Avatar
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    San Clemente, California
    Are these things worth buying and do they work all that well? How often should you replace the filter and how are you suppose to know when it's full? Not that i think i'll have that much water in my fuel but that filter seams like it could fill rather quickly.

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    at the advise of jim brock. i have installed one on every one of my boats.
    change them once a year.

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    I use this one and it works good. Will even catch fuel treatment from fuel and has a drain in the bottom of the filter.

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    Mine works AWESOME. I use the mercury filter and as stated I change it once a year.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    this is my third jet and i have put one in all my boats. change them every year. my buddy just bought a boat, and it didnt have one. now it does. they are only like $35-40. well worth the headache

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    Dan Lorenze
    I have the same unit, I change my filter once a year.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    I have the same unit, I change my filter once a year.
    Ditto Budlight

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    Duane HTP
    The one from Jegs works good. You can turn the valve, check for water, drain it and go on. They also handle a bigger volume which is important on some of out higher HP boats.

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    I Added The Merc One The Year I Got My Boat, Wouldn't Be With Out It. Change The Filter Every Year. If You Want The Big Port One Get The Omc Style From Your Marine Parts Guy. Just Remember They Take A Different Bigger Hole Filter. If You Want Real Quality Go To The Racor Set Up...bill.

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    Picked up 8 MPH when I put one on my boat :rollside:

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