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Thread: Hamilton Turn

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    Does anyone know how to what is called a Hamilton Turn? I believe that's where the boat while on plane does a quick 180 and comes to a sudden stop with the wake right in front of them. I've heard that jet boats can pull this manuever off very well.

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    Yea, you can do it, I have but I've only done it at lower speeds. It's hard on fibreglass swim steps. Also a good way to toss people out of the boat, and perhaps even sink a particularly low-slung one by backwashing the stern under before the hull quits moving BACKWARDS.

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    You can sink your shit real easy that way too...It can be done though. Do at your own risk :crossx:

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    pm later and ask him what happens when you do that!!!

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    Duane HTP
    In 1963 I had my first jet boat. It was a Buhler Turbo Craft with a Hamilton Jet in it. These boats are where the term came from. Top speed on the boat was about 45 mph. You could let off the gas at WOT turn hard left, hit the gas again, and the boat would do a complete 360 degree turn and just keep right on going. It was hard on passengers, but quite a bit of fun. They were deep boats and didn't take on water.

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    pm later and ask him what happens when you do that!!!
    Or just read the 120 or so pages of "sunk the boat"

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    OK, is there any safe way to do it so that you don't sink it?

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    Or just read the 120 or so pages of "sunk the boat"
    N0w THAT'S the fun way

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    Yea, slow, about 20 mph, and have a covered engine.

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    Step 1 of that particular manuever would be to have your insurance up to date..... :rollside:

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