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Thread: Thursday pics

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    Not as cool as catalina but..http://www.***
    A couple birds came thru the canyon so fast i only caught the tail end of the seond one.would hate to be on the receiving end.All i could say was HOLY SH*T

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    Awesome pictures. Where were they taken?

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    Devil's Advocate
    Nice pics!

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    Awesome pictures. Where were they taken?
    Saguaro Lake here in AZ

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    Hows that tug running now?

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    Thats the best its ever ran, and its about time.

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    nice pics....i love when them choppers fly through there...usually they come up on me while i'm idling my way back to the sandy beach, the last time he was so low i saw him wave back at me!!!!!!!

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    Cole Sanger
    Nice, we go up there every Thursday also. I think we are done for this season though. Getting too cold in the water. If you don't mind, here are a few from my last week out...

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    looks like a nice place, kool pics

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