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Thread: 22nd Annual White Bros. Vet Nationals

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    Is anybody going to Glen Helen this weekend???

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    mmmmm. gonna be workin...
    i think i saw that the sb215 will be closed at the 15 again this weekend... thats gonna b a mess.

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    I'm getting there Thursday night hopefully I can avoid construction.

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    I'm getting there Thursday night hopefully I can avoid construction.
    Not this weekend but next weekend for the Aerosmith\Motley Crue concert.
    As long as you are here you need to cruise on over and see the Ontario facility and all the pretty airplanes.

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    I can't believe nobody else rides/races?

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    I will be there
    I work for White Brothers as a outside sales rep. for Northern Cal. and Northern Nv. It's my duty to be there. The Bro's are picking me up at the airport on Sat. morning. It should be a jet set weekend. We also have plans to be at the race on Sunday at The Queen Mary Super Moto event...

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    Cool you going to be hanging out in their trailer?

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