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Thread: Bought a few more boats !!!!

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    Bought another daycruiser jet last night, I will clean it up and get some pics of it for you all to see soon. Its fairly nice for a age and price, Sleekcraft Executive with a 455 Oldsmobubble and a juccuzii jet that needs reassembled and instaled. . . All wood seems decent needs some interior work that will get it to the lake for this year then if it turns out to be a good boat prolly redesign and redo the hole interior !!!
    Also bought and sold a pretty cool condor sprint/ berkley pump w/o engine, so should see another cool jet boat here in the area especially okmulgee lake if the guy can get a BBC in it by summer.
    That leaves the Wyatt tunnel pretty much outta the picture, i kinda need to sell it, if anyone is interested in that boat there are pics on here somewhere or i can email pics if interested. . . Brand new hull and trailer dominator pump professionally installed by the best in the area !!! Also has upholsted seats front and back not installed.... american racing torq thrusts on trailer !!!!

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    Did you ever get the Ole Shovel Nose going again? What about that blown motor you were working on for it?
    Hope everythings going OK your way.

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    Long block is assssembled !!! Not sure what blower to run, thinking of puttin the 671 on the car and a 871 on the boat but time will tell, i spent alotta time at the (car) races this year and even more at next year, just got the road schedule 17 races on the road from california to florida to new york from february to october. . . I will have both boats running and will probably be at the lake all weekend on my weekends off but other than that all is well, we won the 4 State promod championship last weekend !! And getting a new car at thanksgiving, trying to get the car owner to buy a capsule boat and but one of the spare engines in it !!!

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    can ya email me pics of the tunnel and asking price . there is always someone down here asking me if I've seen any tunnels.

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    Here is thread over in spam section, need to get $8000 or would do some tradin on a family style jet for my old man that is running .. .

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    I know a guy looking for a tunnel,he doesn't have a computer though I will tell him about this one.I'll get back with ya today.

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    Thanks, i can send regular pics or maybe you can print a picture for him. . . either way, i can take the skull and other logo off and replace with something else if they want !!! Thanks

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