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Thread: Takin' out the trash in Texas...

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    I hope he feels some pain.....before he dies..The real tragedy here,is that he wasn't put to death in 1993...

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    Looks like 377 since December of 82. I don't guess that includes any that might have just died or committed suicide, which we had one of those very recently. You are right, seems they wouldn't have to wait that long...

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    ...then sometimes there is a "flip side" to the system.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Amazing those that actually have sympathy for the criminal.

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    seriously been thinking bout moving to TEXAS.

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    Dave C
    Ron White's bit about Texas is great.
    he said " Texas if more than 2 people see you commit a murder you go to the front of the line (death row). While other states are abolishing the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane"..... :crossx:

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    I love Texas.Keep the express line going. :220v:

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    Dave C
    in cali... they would probably put him on parole....

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    Old Texan
    I was reading some of the last statements, crimes, etc. Interesting reading actually. Do other states have anything like this on the web? I didn't actually tally it up or anything like that but there sure seemed to be a lot of white people put to death. I was under the impression that it was mostly blacks that were put down. Maybe if I took the time and counted it up the numbers would show that but I don't have the time to sit and do a friggin' tally. Just a quick observation by me.
    F EM'
    Texas eliminates 'em on an equal opportunity basis. Even throw a woman in every now and then. :crossx:
    What really rankles me is the number of Bianca Jagger and Danny Glover types that come to protest the death penalty. No respect for victim's families.
    Also it's amazing how many pick up Jesus on death row.

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