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Thread: Went to drive to Work - No Gas in Truck

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    Truck does not fit in garage, so I park in the driveway with a motion detector light to give me a little assurance nobody will mess with truck. However, some a-hole last night, busted the light and then decided to pump my 2500HD Duramax bone try (all 50 gallons). I had an extra tank installed so I can tow the boat to Havi, without stopping.
    Now I get to wait in the house for 2 hours until fuel arrives (Guess gas station and tow service is busy this morning in Carlsbad). Wife left for work before me.
    What a way to start the day.
    I wish people would respect other people's stuff, but I guess I am old school.
    Beyond pissed off, so I had to vent.

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    The Jerk
    and here i would be happy someone took 50 gal's of GAS before i started it up and had to take it to the dealer for a new Dmax motor.... hahahahah. just razin ya.
    that does blow donkey balls though......

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    Thanks for the gas.. My account was dry and I had no idea how I was going to get to work last night until I went trick or treaing. Oh, thanks for the candy, too!

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    That sucks

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    a catered life
    we had the same problem a few months back when gas was $3.45 took both big cars to have a alarm trigger installed on both gas doors and also put on a locking gas cap....havent had that problem since...until yesterday we found out some asshole stole the radio out of our commuter car parked in front of the house but a over grown tree wouldnt let my camaras catch them.... :crossx: bastards..not the gardener has to trim the tree and i think i'm going to install one more camera

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    Sportin' Wood
    At least they did not punch a hole in the tank with a screw driver like one of my work trucks last month.
    As soon as we got it fixed they came back and stole the whole truck.

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