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Thread: From the troops in Iraq

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    Didnt take long for the troops over there to hear about Kerry's screw up
    These guys would probably hate to have “ if you a soldier you are stupid “ Kerry, as their commander in chief.

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    Gotta love that sense of humor.
    Good thing he isn't making any "troop visits". They always (well, maybe not John) try to have lunch or something with 1 or 2, and I think they'd have a tough time finding any willing stooges right about now. Either that or one'd let John know just exactly how much they "appreciate" his concern and interest in them.

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    Pheelin Phroggy
    I think he should fly into Baghdad and test his theory of soldiers being idiots, as a recently retired Army First Sergeant, I am sure the our fine troops would be glad to let him teach them the basics in mine or a.i.d. detection and disarming on a nice Iraqi street somewhere.

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    Kerry too much of a pu$$y to go to Iraq. I think the troops would have some fun with him if he did go. Might be the only way he can gain some credibility and prove he sorry for his stupid comment.

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    Pheelin Phroggy
    re: Kerry too much of a pu$$y to go to Iraq.
    lol, for a Vet, I would of expected more out of him, but then again..... you are correct in your analysis of his courage level, but then again, if it turns out to be political suicide, at least he had the courage to kill himself (or stupidity)

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    they should send him to a visit to Iraq and blow a heat seeking sidewinder up his ass. Oh wait, it might me more attracted to his mouth.

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    He would get another Purple Heart from friendly fire.

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    The Vehicle in the back is an ASV, My company makes that thing

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    I think sum of dem gies uesd to post on hotbote... :idea:

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    Do you think he hears a POP when he pulls his head out of his A$$?
    As a combat veteran, I want to make it clear to anyone in uniform and to their loved ones: my poorly stated joke at a rally was not about, and never intended to refer to any troop.
    ...and the people in his home state of Massachusetts keep voting for this puke.

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