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    I have a casale split case v-drive unit
    model 61000-2 in my schiada.
    I drained the oil out of the unit,and I need
    some info.on the type of oil and amount that
    should be put back in.
    thanks santi

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    Just put 1/2 to 3/4 of a quart in it and call it good. You just need anough for the bottom gear to be slightly submerged in oil.

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    Is that with a synthetic oil???? REDLINE???

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    Is that with a synthetic oil???? REDLINE???

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    Santi, the fill plug is on the front up high starboard side, and the oil level plug is down low in back on the same side. As the Guru said 16- 18 oz usually does the trick.

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    I use 75w Redline in my Hondo, its a dry box [No water] and runs cool enough to put your hand on it.

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    I am using Mobil 1 gear oil in mine.

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