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Thread: Sledge Hammer!

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    Tom Brown
    I watched watched the Sledge Hammer DVDs a few days ago. The first DVD featured some commentary from Alan Spencer, creator of the series.
    The thing that blew me away was how similar Alan Spencer is to a ***boat forum member. He has the exact same humor, manerisms, and even a similar voice as one of our bench racers.
    It's a great DVD, by the way. Alan Spencer's commentary is particularly good. The guy cracks me up.
    Does anyone remember the series?

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    I remember watching that show. Really funny but not on the air for very long. I think it was one of those shows that my parents didn't want me to watch....along with the Simpsons.

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    Tom Brown
    So you watched it twice???
    Not yet, but I will.
    I particularly enjoyed the way they ended the first season with Sledge defusing a nuclear warhead. There was a huge mushroom cloud prior to the credits.
    They changed the name for the second season to “Sledge Hammer – The Early Years”

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