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Thread: 60's or 70's era Starfire

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    Has anyone ever heard of a Starfire? It is a 18 or so foot flattie, Hallcraft box and a '67 440 Dodge for power. My neighbor wants to sell it and I have never heard of this boat. I'll take some pictures of it and post them.

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    Thanks for the site. I'll tell Don about it. I saw a picture of his hull on there. Do you think they are worth anything?

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    I know one racer who ran one in Super Stock. Most don't have foot adjustable plates, why, I don't know. As a result they don't turn as well a Biesemeyer, so they don't fair so well on a short course, but get them on a 1 2/3 mile course and they dominate.
    He quit racing SS when APBA did away with the long course. His freeze-out was complete when they mandated whirlaways, as there was no room between the box and the shaft log to install one.
    I did see a race on Speedvision last year from the northwest somewhere in which the first two places in the Pro Stock final were taken by a couple Jones Super Stockers.
    As to value, they won't have any value as raceboats in two years when the capsule axe falls. As a collectors item, who knows. I like them from an aesthetic point of view. My friend had his "for sale" at about $8k w/o engine. If I had the extra cash and, more importantly the room to store a flatbottom collection, It would've been mine right there and then.
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