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Thread: Oh Happy days.....

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    My ass is draggin'..Long weekend, lots of fun..Jest finished pulling the motor out of Jeff's boat(For the last time).. He will be sportin' a new boat real soon..We go and look at the New boat tomorrow A.M.... He's pretty pumped about it so I'll post some pic's of it tomorrow for him..Off to the shower to get the rest of the grease off me..

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    This should be interesting!

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    Mrs Big Boy Toys
    That's to cool. I can't wait to see pictures of his new boat. I bet it's a really nice one.

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    You guys getting a flat??

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    SSMIKE..It's Flat between the Sponsons...

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    SSMIKE..It's Flat between the Sponsons...

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    We are going to look at these today...

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    Damn! I wanted that boat wink J/K Hey Sangster, if ya get one of them, let me know so I can take it off of the website. Those are some nice boats and great price too. You getting the 501 or the other?
    Here's more pics of them HERE
    [ October 06, 2003, 01:17 PM: Message edited by: BigBoyToys ]

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    Mrs Big Boy Toys
    We are going to look at these today...
    Dang that picture looks familar.... I took that picture for Greg. LOL
    That is a really nice boat.

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