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Thread: Political question

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    How is it that we hear soooo many bad things and grumblings about Arnie the Gov.......yet in the latest and largest poll released today he has more than a 16 point lead heading down the homestretch?
    Just curious on peoples takes...........Do you vote for Arnie because of politcal lines, or do you actually like what he has done and has planned? People I've talked to in my office say they can't stand the Govenator but they vote for him because of political lines. Hmmmmmm I just find it interesting.
    What's your take?

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    His opponent is anti-motorsports, anti-lakes,, and anti-industry in Calif.
    That simple.
    Arnie got elected because the guy he replaced spent money the State didn't have.
    That simple.

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    And Ahnold will kick your ass if you don't vote for him...

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    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 16-point lead over Democratic state Treasurer Phil Angelides, according to a Field Poll released Wednesday.
    Last month, the same survey found the governor was leading Angelides by 10 points.
    Angelides leads Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles County but is tied or behind in every other area. Statewide, the governor leads 49 percent to 33 percent among likely voters.
    Schwarzenegger's approval rating has risen during the last month, and 55 percent now hold a favorable impression of him, which is highest it has been since February 2005, when it was 62 percent.
    Voters were evenly divided between positive and negative views of Angelides.
    U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein leads her Republican opponent, former state Sen. Dick Mountjoy, 55 percent to 33 percent; 59 percent view Feinstein in favorable terms.
    The survey was taken by telephone in English and Spanish from Oct. 23-30. The likely voter sample used for the governor's race has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.
    A smaller sample of 401 likely voters was used for the Senate race and to rate candidate images. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

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    SHAKEN Not Stirred
    Because Philip Angelides is a socialist, tax raising, no personality, ball-less freak !!!
    GO Arnold !!!!!

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    Liberals are the vocal minority. They do not understand that rhetoric does not get things done.

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    It seems today people vote the lesser of two evils. Both candidates usually suck, just which one sucks less....

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    because the democrats dont want to have fun. Freekin tree huggin hippies, they want to shut down our lakes and dunes. Thats why i voted for bush too. Texan that knows how to have fun when he was younger!

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    I first vote with my pocket book, so if he is not raising taxes, then he is getting my vote.

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    Because Philip Angelides is a socialist, tax raising, no personality, ball-less freak !!!
    GO Arnold !!!!!

    Bingo. It's not that Arnie is the best, it's the fact that he's not the worst.

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