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Thread: Talking Schwarzenegger Doll Stays On The Shelves

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    People are going nuts for the new Tickle Me Elmo, but no one's showing much interest in the talking doll that one Whittier entrepreneur can't seem to unload.
    Derrell Brown says he paid a toy maker in Taiwan about $6,000 to create 1,400 talking Arnold Schwarzenegger dolls that mock his trademark line from the Terminator.
    When you touch the Arnold doll's arm, it says, "I won't be back."
    Brown says he ordered the dolls a year ago, when things were looking down for Governor Schwarzenegger's re-election campaign.
    But with polls showing that the governor likely will be back, he's not finding much of a market for the dolls.
    He says even charity groups won't take the dolls off his hands to give to needy kids on Christmas.

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    Hardly Satisfied
    F**K Schwarzenegger

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