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Thread: First Motocross race (video)

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    Its not me but its frickin funny (

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    Next time I'll park farther away from the track.

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    HAHA, thats the funniest shit ive ever seen!

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    Absolutely hilarious!!!!

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    The kid needs to relax.

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    hahahahaha nothing like learning to ride than in a race.

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    Needs to think about another career. :skull:

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    Ha Ding!

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    NOTALENT first I thought it was ok, but than I realize they are still filming...I know he has to crash enough....poor guy. Someone should tell him to stand up when you ride....haha...

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    pretty funny to watch kids the first time they race,he need to practice on that throttle hand a little lol.not as funny but i got a laugh was missboatnams boys first race her ex is filming him there is a crash about 1 minute into the race his dumb ass start filming the wrong kid talking the whole time cheering him on and its the wrong kid.

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