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Thread: Scorpion Tunnel

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    Anyone know how a Scorpion TX-20 would fare as a V-drive? Got any ideas as far as engine location, gearbox location/angle, strut location, and fin (if any) location. Please Help!! Thanks

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    Craig Taylor in Cookson OK has rigged one. I can tell you if the center sponson (keel) is lower than the outers it will be unstable. If it is built for a jet. The center is lower to load water.

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    Ducky, if you can post a picture of your boat, I have one and it is an outboard, also is the boat originally made by Eliminator, Thanks

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    It's a project I'm looking at buying, and this is the only pic I have. I am assuming it's a jet layup. When you say unstable, how do you mean? And at what speeds? I'll be looking for 80's to start out with, and 100 later. Thanks!

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    Well damn! I couldn't figure out how to attach the pic. The boat is currently un-rigged, so changes to make it a better V-drive are definitely possible. Got any Ideas??

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    What he means is the prop will be to far down in the water. It will get up on the prop and start to move around and do ugly things.
    I have seen a few tunnels rigged as v-drives and non of them worked very good if you ask me. Now Info's Couger works very well (I've never seen it in person) but the center sponson is shorter then the others.
    Maybe you could have Barney chop down the center one. I know he's been wanting to play with some v-drive stuff latley.

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    Thanks SuperDave. It will need to have full length stringers. You will need to add some material to thicken up the area above the strut. It will need plates and pedal like a flat. If you are serious let me know. When the time comes, I will be happy to supply measurements for you.
    Dave is correct. You do not want it to get up on the center without anything on the outsides to keep it stable.
    It will be a bit of work. It would be cool to work with HB on a project.

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    I'll see if I can get the owner to take some shots of the bottom. I can do all the glass work if it needs it, but I may pass on the deal if it does. (It's not THAT great of a deal) Wee will see! Thanks Again!

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    According to the owner, the center pod is flat, and about 1" higher than the edges of the sponsons. Also, the floor of the pod is 1 inch thick, and solid fiberglass. Perfect for a v-drive right? What do ya think?

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