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Thread: wont start

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    After a day of screwing around at Havasu we decided to head back to the hotel but boat wouldnÂ’t start. NO fuel pressure and NO spark. IÂ’ve got only 8 hours on the boat and I was kinda stumped cause it ran great all day. I have two questions: Has anyone else had a similar problem and what ended up being the problem. Im suspecting the kill switch. ItÂ’s in the shop right now but they told mw the turn around would be about 2 weeks

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    What kind of boat and motor package?

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    2002 shockwave 350Mag Bravo 1.

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    check your fuses and or curcuit breaker(s)

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    Did, there are 2 in line with the ignition and they were good. I also reset the breaker on the engine. Thats why I'm confused... The boat is awesome (when it runs, haha)

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    spectras only
    It could be as simple as the ign switch went kaput.If you have an electronic ign system [I guess all engines have it by 2002?]your problem could be the crankshaft sensor for timing.It's common problem on cars not to start when electrical connectors develop resistance due to humidity [slight corrosion],hence the low voltage signals to the computer is very sensitive .

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Hmmmm...could be electrical in nature. If it were me (and believe me, you don't want to be me), I would grab my volt meter, and work backward. Start with the ignition- did those fuses have 12 volts when the key is on?
    No fuel pressure, or no pressure reading on the gauge?

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    S.O. and HH, I bled the schrader valve on the injection rack while cranking it over and the gas should have poured out right? In addition, The first thing I did when I got home was put me multimeter in my boat tool bag. I dunno...

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    spectras only
    Yes ,if your fuelpump worked [you should be able to hear it run when you turn the ign on only],there should have been a pressure buildup [about 39 pounds].Go to your local speedshop where you can buy a fuel pressure tester for about $40, attach it to the schrader valve and observe the reading.

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    Great suggestion S.O., 39 psi would be typical for a SB V8.? BTW, when I cranked the ignition there was no noise from the pump. Hmmmmm...

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