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Thread: Just wondering ..with all the ballers on here...

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    Who needs to work steady to make all the payments or who is near debt free??

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    Working Steady here. :cry:

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    Oh yeah..i'm no baller so can't put my .02 in

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    No comments from the BallerPeanutGallery. Now, get back to work. :crossx:

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    Working Steady here. :cry:
    Me Too :cry: :cry:

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    We all know your "The Baller"

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    Richie Rich
    I'm just a lowly civil servant....
    Nice .gif file there jbb.

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    Work? But it is only because I want to. LMAO>
    This thread reminds me of that commercial, with the guy at the country club, then the house and then the back yard and finally it shows him sitting on his ride em lawn mower saying "I am in debt up to my eyeballs, please help me"

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