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Thread: Clipper Fans......

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    All right. Where did you all go? What was that sound...oh ya, it was the sound of people jumping off the Thats OK as there is no room for any brandwaggoners anyhow.
    I am good with that. I will be here all season taking shots from all those other exuberant fans. It is a long season and the Clippers will be there in the end. The Clips will be fine in a week or so as their training camp was a disaster. They are essentially in training camp right now.
    Couple of games into the season and people think this team or that team is all of a sudden something they aren't.
    Lets play it out and let the chips will fall where they may.
    I am looking forward to the "season" as it is going to be a lot of fun.

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    Sorry Tom, I only follow professional basketball.

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    Beer Factor
    Ya-Lets let the clippers be the clippers. :boxed:

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    Good luck against Phoenix, I actually hope they win this, cause I do not like Phoenix, they are turning in to the new Kings rivalry it seems.

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    Clipper fan here...........checking in!

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    Wow Dilligaf we finally agree on a sports team. It's going to be weird not arguing with you during basketball season. Go Clips!

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    wasn't the "TITANIC" considered a "clipper", before it "clipped that ice-berg ??? :crossx: leat these clippers are still floating. Tough game tonight. It'll be interesting to see what the excuses will be this time. Is Phx. still mad about losing to the Lakers? Oh yeah, it's still they're pre-season. :boxed:
    Maybe they're 1-1, just so they can get the seeding they want again. Worked last year.

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    Clippers are my second favorite team, so if they don't play the Lakers, I will have your back Tom.

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    Last season was a fluke!

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    O.k Tom, I've seen your posts.............whats the deal with F the Lakers??
    I'm not saying that the Clippers aren't due, but why the Laker bashing??

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