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Thread: out of gas

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    I have a 85 sleekcraft with a stock 460. Does anyone know what would cause it to just loose all fuel pressure after running for about five miles. I have installed a new fuel pump and the tanks are good and clean. Any advice would really help. Thanks

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    sounds like something is restricting flow. Did you put a new fuel filter in with the new pump?

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    is there tank vents? vented gas cap?

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    ya, pop the gas cap when it happen's, close it back up and see if it corrects the issue for another 5 minutes.. if it does you found your problem.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    i had the same problem, not to long ago. it was 2 things.
    1) excelerator pump on carb
    2) i had a pressure gauge on the fuel line at the carb and it was leaking.
    might help you out.
    also, like said before, gas caps vented???

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    ERV JR
    Maybe Vapor Lock, But I Would Look Ar=t The Tanks And Try Popping The Caps, Does The Prssure Goway Instantly Or Slightly Over Time ?

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    sounds like a dirty filter!

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    Could be a hole in the pickup tube inside the tank.

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    water in your gas????

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    Couple questions.
    Do you have a pressure gauge installed and it is really losing pressure, or are you just suspecting it?
    What kind of fuel pump are you using? Stock mechanical or electric etc.
    After the 5 mile run are you able to restart it after it dies. If so, how long do you have to wait, or will it restart right away?
    Are you running a Holley carb?
    Does it still have the sintered filters installed where the fuel line/lines connect?
    Not that this is your problem, but I'll toss it up anyway.
    I had a similar situation with mine a few years back. I was running a Holley 850 dp carb and I ended up installing the extended jets in the secondary bowl and it cured it completely. Mine would only do it while at WOT or close to it though. The fuel washes back away from the jets and it feels just like it's running out of gas (which it is). Mine would restart right away following the deal. Oh yeah, if I soft pedaled it or backed out of it some, I could keep it from dying.
    If this is it, it's a cheap fix.
    Jet extensions and notched float sold as a kit. $19.99
    Item number 516-116-10 from Jegs.

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