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    I am looking at buying a 1978 Sanger hydro with 454 BBC (.60 over), tunnel with 2 750 hollies, motor is completely rebuilt. It has a racing buttom and ski top with standard rudder (for ~8.5K$) Will this boat be ok for occassional skiing ? I am going for a ride next week. I have had a Schiad flat since 1968 and always wanted to get a hydro. Any input from anyone would be appreciated.

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    The only input I have is pucker up and hang on!

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    Biesemeyer, Revenge, DeCucci, or whatever the name of the copy of the original Biesemeyer make very nice pleasant pleasure boats. They handle very good and they are forgiving.

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    ponponracing, What's that have to do with a sanger hydro? Oh, i love an old Biesemeyer as much as anybody but calling them a nice pleasant pleasure boat is just wrong. They are kick ass flatbottoms! Face it, just a raw bad ass flatbottom that is just begging for some big alki hp to scare the shit out of any one that goes for a ride! whoo hoo!

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    Superdave, you are right, I goofed with this one. Simply didn't catch the word hydro. Thanks for mentionning.

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