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Thread: Are You Watching The Cma's Right Now???

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    If you are and you are recording, go back to were they split the screen into four parts for Female musician of the year and watch Faith Hill's reaction when they announced Carrie Underwood was the winner............
    Faith raised her hands like she new she won.........then heard the name "Carrie Underwood" and screamed "WHAT!!!!!!!" and stormed out!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funniest ever!!!!

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    I caught that too. I couldnt tell what she said, but she definitely was NOT happy!!!

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    pretty tough being a superstar having everyone kiss your ass to lose to a american idol!

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    I didn't watch it but from what I've listened to Carrie is actually pretty damn good.

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    It will be on the internet soon enough I'm sure. I'm telling you.........I will never look at her the same again!!! She was outraged!!!

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    WTF was she thinking!? Of course she couldn't win even if she really did!
    I mean, if she did win, wouldn't that look like it was rigged all because she's Faith Hill?

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    I saw that too... Where did she think that see was a shoe in? She used to be a nice person, but after she got married she turned into a real biotch...just my.02 ......

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    Howie Feltersnatch

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    Yeah definately pissed!

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