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Thread: we made it home

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    what a trip.8 days of pure heaven in costa rica.we had 80 people on the boat and 100 or so workers.guys work there ass off 16 hours a day and make the whole deal really special. we didnt get off the boat the fist day we were 2 of 4 that didnt,had 6 guys standing there waiting ahnd and foot bringing food drinks man i can get use to that.they even haul enough stuff up on the beach to have a bbq and full bar for all 80 people.really liked the beach town of del sur niciragua totally kicked back 10 or so little bars right on the sand with ice cold beer.victoria is the nicuragua beer and is very good.smoked cubans all week.everthing was paid for drank from morning until night endend up spending 100 bucks.didnt end up doing scuba but snorkled on cano island and it was awesome.never seen so many cool looking fish.every afternoon they take off with the sails up and play this awesome sailing song great end to was really weird to see all the animals without the cages,did a river cruise and seen a couple of pretty good size crocs mabey 8 or so feet.huge eguanas,cool snakes and monkeys.saw a few macaws and tucans.all in all highly recomend windstar cruise.

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    that sounds pretty bitchen! glad yuh made it back alright. -jas

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    Sounds like a good time

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    welcome back brotha.....

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