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Thread: Whats the best way to beat the 100mph gov

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    on the GMC sierra????had a stretch of the 40 with not a soul insight and I hit 97 and blughhhh....governed out
    chip, yank a chip,???? doing the I40 every other Sunday...I feel the need for speed :crossx:

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    If you had a blow out in that bad boy, you would no longer be posting here. Calm down there big guy. :crossx:

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    Its cool, got new tires :skull:

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    Its cool, got new tires :skull:
    That don't mean shit. SUVs aren't sports cars.

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    I am pretty certain that the Edge Juice programmer kills the max MPH

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    Any programmer will do it, but I don't really recommend bustin' 100 for more than a few seconds in that turd, it ain't worth it.

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    Things happen fast, weather in a boat or truck/car, at over 100mph.... be carefull of what you ask for.....

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    Not too smart. Slow the F down before you hurt yourself or God forbid someone else!!!!!!!!!!! Shit does happen. Take it from an OLD guy.

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    Tom Brown
    Don't let these panty waists get you down. :yuk:
    I recommend JATO tubes... and plenty of them. http://www.***

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    I am pretty certain that the Edge Juice programmer kills the max MPH
    Not on the diesels. Then again, mine will run 103 with the tires that are on it. I had a Hypertech before I went with the Edge (thanks Keith) and it had the top speed override on it and I never tried it out. Just never really felt the need.

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