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Thread: $4.1 mil and they are driving it down the freeway???

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    So someone buys this thing for $4,100,000 and they frickin drive it on the freeway??
    Someone has way more money than brains. Who the hell buys a classic vehicle with a $4.1 mil value and puts it on a 65 MPH freeway?

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    Looks like a cross of a fire engine, and a locomotive.

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    little rowe boat
    If I could afford to buy then I would want to drive it. Just my .02

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    think they called AAA to add it to their coverage?

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    I'd bet they got a few funny looks as they were driving it out of the show, passing all the $100,000 trailer queens. That's good stuff right there.

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    When money's no object I guess. $hit, I'd turn into a toy hauler and go to the dunes in it.
    I saw this up close on Wednesday and it is reallly cool. Over 11' tall with single center front seat. A giant florescent light panel emerges straight up out of the roof to light up the night

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    hey i saw one of those in person a while back at a gm only car show. those were used to haul the cars and personnel to car shows and things of that sort for general motors back in the 50s and 60s, ( i think) they were a pretty trick setup from what i remember of what the old geezer showing said they used to haul concept cars and people would follow them through the streets to sneak a peek at what g.m. was offering for the new year! somewhere i have a picture of one of those with a 57 chevy in the back in like 1955 or something ill try to dig it up!

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    put some stripper poles in and some taps that would be a sweet party wagon.

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    Yeah, it sold at Barrett-Jackson for 4.1M. That's beautiful that they are driving it. Sweet.

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    there was a basket case one that at a glance looked just like that sitting by the el toro air base.

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