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Thread: I Am Baaaaccccckkkkkk

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    I AM BACK!!!!
    AND I WON!!! RB underestimated me!! He thought I could not go two weeks without posting on HB!! Not that I was totally gone……I was here all along!! Let me tell you, two weeks off HB was rough! I missed you guys!!
    Some of the highlights of the past two weeks that I cannot let go!!
    In High School there is always the Class Slut, who is the biggest slut in your class Topless??? You know the chick that sleeps with everyone's men???
    Then I guess we'll have to nominate BG. :crossx:
    “Hey girls I am the one who taught your man that position you like so much!!” (I might as well run with this one….. U all know I am kidding  )
    Personally I think the puking was induced by the Enchiladas made by someone from these forums (who shall remain namesless, right Bgirl?). :crossx: :crossx: :crossx:

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    It's amazing the house didn't burn down!! :crossx:
    We had an incident……but it did not count!!!
    wait until I post the pictures of her puking....and tell the story about how she almost burnt my house down
    Give her a break, she can barely reach the countertops. :rollside:
    :frown: the counters at RB's are a little tall for me...I need a step stool :cry:

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    What can I say people except, IT'S ON!!!!!! Invites will go out in pms so there is no need to sign up. What have I got myself into???? :220v: :cry: :messedup: :supp: :crossx:
    I can’t believe I am going to be missing out on your debut HB party :frown: I am going to be in Parker for the 425 race!! I am sorry I have not pm’d you back….but that was apart of the rules of the bet… Now that I am back we need another Corona night!! Maybe in February!!!
    ok I know its early but I need a head count to reserve seating I will be having a birthday party in the City of Industry at Dream Lounge on March 11, 2006 at 9PM. it is a nice place plenty of parking and the dress code is casual, Jeans are ok it has a DJ and dance floor
    and plenty of goose
    more info to follow on hotels in area directions etc
    :idea: :idea: Luv ya SYA!!

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    She says she is doing ok...........had to leave work because she wanted to go help out her family.........she says her 3yr old niece will be ok but here's what kind of happened........
    Her 3 year old niece got kicked in her side by a horse and has bruised kidneys....internal bleeding and a ruptured spleen........
    She was medivaced to Loma Linda Childrens Hospital into the ICU.......
    Everyone please say a little prayer for this little girl she could use it!!!!
    Thank you all so much for your kind words on this……it meant a lot to me! Update on her….she is home now. However she cannot run or jump, fall get bumped etc for 4-6 weeks. Now for all of you with small kids you know this is a difficult feat. She is a very active girl….she has already fallen and began to bleed internally again. The Dr.’s nor my aunt quite know what to do about this. It is going to be a rough couple of weeks. :frown:

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    It's coming up again. Last year you all made it one of the best parties ever. I don't think I have seen so many ***boaters in one place partying and having drama free fun at the same time. Let's see if we could do it again. It's an open invite to all. I will start a guest list to get everyone into the Red Room.
    It's presidents weekend with the fireworks going so I know a bunch of people will be in town.
    Red Room Guestlist Saturday 2/18/06
    Phat Matt + 1
    Ahhhhh MATT!!! I am going to miss your b-day.. :cry: I am going to be in Glamis...never been there on a big weekend... Last years party was a blast! I am sure this years will be just as good!!! :rollside:

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    Supercross was a blast with everyone!!! A Huge thanks to the knuckleheads for dealing with all us crazies, and purchasing the tickets in advanced! And also to you guys and Jackpunx for letting us take the new motie to the race!!! I hope it was not too messy the next morning…. 
    Ahhhh it feels great to be back!!! Now I have to catch up on all that posting!!!

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    Tom Brown
    Welcome back, BG.
    You've been missed. It turns out... nobody, other than yourself, cares what WYRD has to say.

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    Welcome back Home Skillet... :rollside:

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    I feel so special that I made your highlight list! :rollside:
    Welcome back, lets go shopping with all the winnings!

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    Welcome back sweetcakes!!! It's been so quiet around here. First 76 something comes back to nights, now you. Should be noisy again. :rollside: Don't forget to recap on the "B" crowd stuff. I'm sure you caught all that. :crossx: B is for Barbigirl!!!!!!!!!! :rollside:

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