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    Did you run it this weekend??
    Is she at her new home now??

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    Yep, out in BH but it is too windy to run it. Jim and I went down to Katherines and let it run for a while on the trailer. I am going to have him do all those thinhs on the list you gave me and some more. We think we will pick up about 3MPH when it is done. Ordering the parts today and getting it all started. If the wind would die down (not likely today) I was really looking forward to running it. Oh well....
    I did show it to my son and he had a big smile. He can't wait to get behind the wheel.
    There is quite a bit extra HP and speed in it, I just built it for a different use. Good to hear its goign to be used. I felt bad everytime I went to the warehouse and saw it just sitting there.

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    very cool

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