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Thread: MPI, EFI, or carbureted?

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    I'm looking for a new engine with about 400-450 horsepower. Want to know what the advantages/disadvantages of the variuos fuel systems are. Also, would I be better off with a crate Merc., or have an engine builder make one? Cost is an issue. If I go new, I would probably go with the 496ho.

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    Fuel injection will give you better cold start and economy, but I've always been partial to the simplicity of the carb. I'm know I sound like a dinosuar, but if something goes south, you can check if you're getting fuel and spark and with a little creativity (and some jumpers) a lot of times you can jury rig the carb set-up if it peters out on you 50 miles up the lake! If you only want 400-450 horsepower, it shouldn't be a real bear around the dock either since you wouldn't need a big rumpity rump cam! Just my antiquated opinion.

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    You can make that type of power very easy with a carb, or injection. Carbs can be easier to fine tune, especially if you're planning on upgrades in the future. If you just want to drop something in and forget buy a take out 496 from someone if you'll want to do more to it, and go faster in the future (who doesn't) stick with one of the older style engine a lot more parts available. Find someone local to work with, this way they can help you once it breaks (it's a boat it will break) plus they will already know what you have when you want to upgrade. I'd build a 502" or 509" Use a good GM block, and good quality pistons, rods, and crank. This way if you decide to upgrade your cam, heads in the future or put on a blower you won't need to redo the bottom end.

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    Thanks for the replies. I want to put it in and forget about it, except for maintenance. Sounds like EFI is the way to go. I just thought having a simpler engine built custom would be less expensive.

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    If you want something simple and fairly cost effective, take a look at the GM Crate motors.

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