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Thread: New engine for my winter project

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    Licketty Split
    Well, many of you my have noticed that I have not posted as much this winter. There is a reason for that. After hearing about every one switching away from the olds 455 I decided to make one really fly. I hope to have it together by OP6 and see what this thing will do. The key element in this new rebuild is a set of brand new aluminum Olds cylinder heads. Not the overly glorified Edlebrock’s but the new ones from these heads will have 2.125 int. 1.68 exh. Valves and with there new style intake and raised but stock pattern exhaust pattern I will be able to keep my Bassett’s. I will have better pics of my engine when they become available.

    The best part is tat these new heads are very reasonable as far as price goes. I'll keep you all posted as to how they run. See you at OP6 L8

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    Is it just my imagination, or did they include larger oil drainback passages?

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    The don't say on the web site, how much $$$?

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    Licketty Split
    Yes biger drain, and price is very compairable to the Edlebrocks though I havn't got the finnals yet from these guys. Ohh did I mention Big Valves

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    Wet Dream
    You dick!! Shit, I'm really going to have to be at OP6 just to check these out. Wait...taxes screwed up that plan. What else did you do the the block, pistons, etc? Did you get me a set too??

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