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Thread: New rig is home

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    Here is our Junior Baller Wannabe rig. Don't know why I'm posting this here other than it is probably the single reason we won't be joining the Cats & Tunnels group for another year. :cry:
    But at least we have a place to stay this year in Havasu and with the pop-outs it has a little more room than the WW trailer did.
    2006 Jayco Seneca HD 34SS.
    and it sort of fits next to the house between Glamis trips

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    Mrs. casean
    It looks sooo roomie inside! You're gonna be traveling in style w/ the new ride!!!

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    Cole Trickle
    One day I hope to move up from the Frosh/Soph team to me more like you ballers.
    Take more pictures of the interior.

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    Very nice!!!

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    Damn double post. :crossx:

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    Congrats. I worked a deal on one of those with the garage in the back. Very, very nice unit, and tons of space with a nice towing capacity. Did you go Durmax or 8.1?

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    looks like a duramax

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    looks like a duramax
    Thanks and yes it's the Dmax. Rated at 300hp and 520 ft-lbs. I think they de-tune it a little to give us the 5 year warranty on Allison and motor, I'm sure there are ways to bump it up, just not sure if I want to mess with it yet, we'll see how it tows first. It drove night and day better compared to the gas powered Class C's and I think even better than the Gas powered Class A's in the 34 foot range. Tow rating is 10k if the coach is empty on the 35footer with triple slides, closer to 8,000lbs loaded. We got the 34SS with the only two slides and a foot shorter, so doing the math we should be around the 9,500 range if we're loaded up. That's much more than we need now, but just looking to the future
    Thanks again and we can't wait to test her out,

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    That thing looks like an addition build right on the side of your garage. It is however totaly bad ass and I bet you are stoked. Congrats to you and your family on your new purchase.

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