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Thread: This Boat sure is puuuuurdy!!

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    All I have to say is WOW!!! 6140QQrdZ1

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    i seen that one today,is it someone's from here? super nice boat,wish i had that kinda dough to get it.

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    Lets just hot link this for bit :skull:

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    Iooonnoooo, Paint job is nice and all, but a tiny bit flaming... :boxingguy

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    You mean this one? I could'nt believe it's for sale. Michigan is having BIG time auto industry layoffs. It is flawless, I've seen this boat in person, nothing was spare'd, and everything is new. Sleek

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    Wow, okay i take it back, nice boat!

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    Iooonnoooo, Paint job is nice and all, but a tiny bit flaming... :boxingguy
    Alot of dragboats are painted like that!! Im not a flammer but I would roll any boat sprayed by billy b even if it was all hot pink! That man lays down some bitchin colors

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    whats the 2 batteries for.

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    whats the 2 batteries for. power juss kiddin' Good question, I dont see a system so I am guessing as well...

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Sleekcrafter are those big rig mud flaps on that red Ford ???
    You don't see many people doing that out here, even though they should.

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