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Thread: Blocked Freeway

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    Crap! That is alot of carnage.

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    Tom Brown
    I can't believe how crazy that traffic is. Gads!

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    Thats some good buisness for the towing company. Wish that happened in our area!

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    that was on the 405 in van nuys amazing how much people dont pay attention...

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    Where were all the chippies standing around drinking coffee?
    thats a joke son.........a joke
    all kidding aside, what the fawk do those idiots think all those brake lights, cones and flashing lights mean? hit here?

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    that took balls

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    Phat Matt
    Looks like my morning commute.

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    I was a first hand witness to that same type of crash on the 405 about a year ago on going north. Very scary stuff when it is happening realtime.

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    Captain Dan
    It's near a construction zone - cones are out, lights are flashing, and everyone goes barrreling in - what a bunch of dumb mofo's. The last people had to see brake lights.
    Lots of rectal-craneal blockage going on there.

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