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Thread: Viper V-10

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    I was reading Hot Boat Mag and noticed that a firm finally marinized a Dodge Viper V-10 engine. I assuming it's the all aluminum engine and not the truck engine. I see alot of potential here! Does anybody else? I imagine it's probably in the "exotic" power class, as performance parts would be a bit on the limited and expensive side. I can see one in a flatbottom. Any thoughts?

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    Is this the Ilmor V-10 you are talking about?

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    Hey burb, our guys took a tour at Ilmor, told me the marinized V-10 looked like "the shit" LOL.
    Only problem is they want $45K for 'em. You can build a mean ass BBC for that kind of moola. I think they are rated at 650 HP and 625 ft lbs, pretty easy to beat that.
    Are you gonna get your lazy butt out of the shop and come to TMS?

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    Yeah, I bet they're expensive! Parts aren't too prevelent on the market yet. If they want to be competitive in the market, they'll find a way to reduce the price. Give them a few years. Maybe approach Chrysler and buy a whole lot of those engines, Get them back into the Marine business. Remember in the late 60's and 70's Oldsmobile was almost giving those 455s away to the boat and pump manufacturers.

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    what about the Northstar? They use em in buggies?

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    what about the Northstar? They use em in buggies? I don't think so. it is a small block. Now that new 1000hp caddy might stand a chance. too bad it probably weighs about 1500lbs. I think it is like 16L or something. huge engine. Now that has potential.....

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    Are you gonna get your lazy butt out of the shop and come to TMS? Only if you take me out in your flattie... wink
    Actually I'm too freakin' busy getting ready for next year to move far. I'll be at the awards banquet in Orlando though...
    Good luck, this race is going to be a blast.

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    I am not tying to highjack this thread, but we are talking about diffrent Motors,
    How bout a Diesel with a 2 speed?
    Gobbs of torque, and I have heard is all about tourqe!!!

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    diesels are working awsome in the off-shore class.
    so all you guys that just chuckled when you read that, go look at some of the offshore boats.

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    too bad diesels weigh a freakin' ton literally. they work good for big boats that can distribute that weight easier. a diesel probably wouldn't be the answer in a smaller boat.....IMO.

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