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Thread: Boat show parking

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    I know this comes up every year, but does anyone know the heigth clearance for parking in the garage area at the convention center?

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    Nope, but I usually use the open lots found all around the convention center.

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    It's just nice to park close, so if you choose to bring some refreshments with you, they are always close by.
    Tailgating at the boat show. :rollside:

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    There's plenty of clearance in valet!

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    There's plenty of clearance in valet!
    I don't want them drinking my beer!!!

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    Just called my uncle who works at the center. Clearance is 7'.

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    drive your car... CC parking is 12 bucks with a 7' clearance.... The outside lots will vary from 20 to 50 bucks.....

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