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Thread: Is this a good deal (comments welcome)?

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    As a lot of you know, I am piecing together a blower motor. I found a good parts source. I traded him my old 68 427 block for a brand new GM Bowtie Tall Deck block and a set of alluminum Pro Action heads for $2500. Was it a good deal?
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    I hope that blower manifold you have is a tall deck. Distributor also.

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    I hope that blower manifold you have is a tall deck. Distributor also. I am selling the intake on e-bay and getting a new tall deck flavor. The distributor wont work? I was told it will!?

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    Standard distributor will work in BDS tall deck manifold. Mooneyham and Littlefield manifolds may also, but you'll have to check with them to be sure.

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    From my understanding There is no difference in the distributor...Just the drive shaft.

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