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Thread: Would you buy a car....

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    From a rental (

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    Thats how you do it. Too bad they dont rent those around here, only POS cars.

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    Damn Ruskies!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    hell no I will pass on that

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    Just ask the guys who buy trucks from J-Star motors in La Habra, most of the lifted half tons are ex Enterprise cars/ run the car fax. I'd say that's a gamble on that purchase.

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    I thought that's how everybody drives a rental car

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    Forkin' Crazy
    I thought that's how everybody drives a rental car
    Really, isn't that's what they are for? :crossx:

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    I seem to remember that Hertz had the same kind of problem when it rented 1965 Mustang GT's Seems most of them spent the weekend being thrashed and in some cases trashed on the drag stip.
    They were painted Black with Gold stripes rather than the normal White and Blue stripes.

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    sorry dog
    I've seen a neon or two at SCCA events. Owners brought their own wheels and tires and let'er rip.

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    H20 Toie
    to bad i cant' rentone right now that owould be fun

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