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    I know it's been covered before, but I'm pulling my motor out tomorrow night and need to paint it. What paint should I use???? I know it's all about the prep but what paint will give me a good hard glossy look???

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    I have used Centari,once with primer and applied with a gun,and once with a spray can.I had the spray can engine rebuilt,hot tank removed the paint in some spots but not nearly as much as I would have liked.When I purchased the paint, the manager asked what the application would be. He told me it would not work.It stayed on,even at tops of the exhaust ports. I was using water injected headers.I washed the block with soap and water,alcohol,then blew it off with compressd air.
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    roco racing
    i had my block hot tanked then scrubbed the block with a wire brush and laquer thinner, used some rattle can engine paint i got from clay smith cams speed shop. called vht or something.came out perfect.if you want it really nice maybe an imron or something like that. somebody mentioned powdercoating a block,maybe look into that too.good luck.cs19

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    Here's what I used and it worked really well. It's called Chroma One, it is a acrylic enamel. The first thing I did was spend ALOT of time grinding the block and heads nice and smooth.
    (This is optional but sure looks good) then wiped the block down with laquer thinner and put five coates of primer on it. Then put approximately 10-12 coats black (or whatever color) Chroma One on it. The shine is great and it looks smooth as glass. Mine has lasted 5 years and just this last year started to chip off in some spots where the motor gets really hot. (exhaust ports on heads ect) Give it a try, it's alot of work but it sure looks nice.

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    Friend of mine powder coated a block bright yellow. It came out nice.

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