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Thread: Question: Place Diverter trim indicator?

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    How much trouble is it to put an indicator kit on my Berkley hydraulic place diverter? What do they cost, how do they work, etc? Any comments would be apppreciated. thanks.
    L J

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    Wet Dream
    LJ, the best gauge going is the TYHAL.
    By far the most accurate one out there.
    TYHAL is named after "turn your head and look"
    Sorry dude...had to.

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    I guess you couldn't resist giving it to me. LOL
    L J

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    Aluminum Squirt
    WD is right, the one I had was crap. Maybe there's some product out there that is better now??? Get a manual control, that way you always know its the same based on what notch you have it in, or install a stop at your sweet spot-Aluminum Squirt

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    my ass has always given me the best result, it's a good gage nad never done wrong.

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    flat broke
    These are pricey (, but probably the most repeatably accurate way to go. 100% mechanical and just a little tweaking with regard to the connections to make work with your diverter. If you can feel the difference in trim on your boat, don't worry about this. If you have a manual diverter, there's no need. But if you have a less responsive boat with hydraulic trim, this is a nice way to go.

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