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    Speedin' Ian
    O.k. so I have a set of Dart Aluminum heads that need to be gone through. I usually take my heads to Sissells Automotive but he is swamped and can't get to them for a long time. I then took them to Valley Head Service but their main guy Rubin is going into surgery so he doesn't think they can finish them before he leaves.
    So can anyone recommend a good shop around Ventura County that can turn them around in a reasonable time?

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    Sorrry, wrong thread. I thought you were looking for a new Bong.

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    Mark Degroff cylinder heads. He used to work at Valley head when they were reputable. He quit along with several other VHS veterans when the owner's word started going in the toilet. He was on Parthinia in the valley last I heard, and he lives in TO.........

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    ill port and polish them for ya :skull:

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    Speedin' Ian
    Thanks but I don't need them ported and polished... I need them decked, valve job and new springs

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    Try Roddy at RK machine in Ventura. Fired up uses him for motor work, and he refreshed the PS boat's heads last year. He is really busy as well so that might be a factor. Another local shop is West Coast Engine,(Oxnard) Scott down there seems to have a good group of guys working for him and that is where the engine is being finish bored. 805 487 5548, pretty quick turn around for us so far....Ray

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    Fired Up
    Call Roddy at (805) 644-9888. He used to fly a BGF called the "Allnighter". I recommend him for the head work you need.

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    Try West Coast Racing Cylinder Heads. He does nothing but heads and is well acquainted with marine engines. Located in Reseda phone 818-705-5454.

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