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Thread: Dimarco Reborn

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    Thought I would post some pics of my winter project.

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    Very nice.How do you plan to intsalling stringers.Lay a 2" strip down first.Or lay up the floor then stringers?I started a Sanger Ski Hydro project and that's about where I stopped.

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    I have some finish fitting on the stringers but I am doing a 3 inch strip and then glassing the whole thing in.

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    you will lay down a 3" strip,set the stringers then glass everything in? Will you use matting for the strip,if so what size?Like 6 or 7 oz.?Some shops tell me to set stringers then glass them in.Then lay up the rest of the floor.I've never done it so I don't know fer sure.

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    I am laying down 2 layers 3" wide 1.5oz mat let it set up then 2 layers over stringers 6" each side let that set up. Feather the edges. 1 layer of 1.5 ounce on floor between stringers let it set then 8 oz cloth over floor and finish for flow coat. It will make for a long weeked.

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    FIVE O
    Ive thought about taking on the same task. How did you remove the wood from the foor, and what did you use under the new wood.

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    Well skillsaw,prybar and a grinder. The top layers peel up easily. getting the stringers out is not to bad. Save the pieces to copy from, cut the floor up in pieces and pry and chip out. Clean out out with grinder so floor looks like this....... Then I put down 2 layers of 1.5oz mat. Where the ends of the plywood but together grind them down at an angle so they overlap and glass 1 layer of 1.5oz mat between.

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    FIVE O
    Sounds like quite the mess. How thick is the ply that you are putting down. Keep the photos coming as you progress.
    Hey FlatRat didnt know you had a hydro, still have it?

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    They ply is 3/8" (9mm) Okoume. Will do on the pics!!

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    Lookin good!!!
    I wish I had the talent your displaying.
    I'd like to follow the picture progress as well.

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