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Thread: I need help-minor problems?????

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    I took the boat out today and it ran ok. I am leaking oil out of the left side somewhere. It looks like oil is comming from the head bolts. Is this possible? Also, I got some water in the oil I readjusted the water lines and its now gone. I still have a little of it inside the oil filler neck but when you pull the dipstick there is no visual sign of water in the oil, same with the oil filter.I have a water bypass valve in the lines and its set at 15psi. I leaned out the carbs and I still have a problem at 4000rpm's. It runs great untill I step on it. It sounds like its bogging down(@4000rpm) untill I let off. I need to check my timing at 3000rpm to see if I am getting full swing(30 degrees). It has a curve kit in the distributor. Also, how much water is supposed to exit the headers at 3000rpm's? I am seeing alot of water out of the headers. Motor runs very well at 3000rpm's. Can someone please help me? I am still a rookie at this stuff. What should I do? I pulled the plugs and you can see where the secondaries are(a little white), primaries are ( a little dark). Motor is a 455 olds.

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    396, im not a rookie, but by no means an expert. Ill tell you where Id look and maybe that will help. As for the oil leak, maybe the valve cover? The head does not have any oil passages in it, so I dont think any could get to the headbolts unless it dripped from the valve cover gasket. Does your oil look clean(like when you poured it in? Seems like if water was able to get in, it would continue to get in until you fix the problem. I think the weakest place for it to get in is at the head/intake manifold gasket, but the worst case would be the head gasket. In either case, I think the problem should be addressed with a gasket replacement. As for the headers, you should see a fine mist, not a lot of water. Sounds like you need to reduce the volume getting their, what set up are you running? As for carb/timing issues, I think they are a little dependent of each other. First get your timing set-I think 12-15 degrees BTDC is good, I was told to start low on a fresh rebuild. Then go to the carbs and set the float level. I think it would be good to know the angle the boat rides at when on plane to help set the float levels. After that, you need to set the mixture screws. Been a while since I have done that, so you should probably buy the holley book, I lent mine to my bro otherwise I would write down what it said for you. If I recall correctly, you are supposed to open each one until max idle rpm is achieved. Do each one, one at a time. That should get you running fairly well. As for the correct jetting, make sure both carbs have the same set up. Then you will need to adjust according to your plug readings. As far as being able to read both light and dark-Im not sure I understand, can they be both? I have read the best way to get a good reading is to take it out and run it(after the above mentioned tune items have been addressed, and then slow down as fast as possible (little or no idling) so as not to change the reading on the plugs. Once these things are addressed, and you still have problems, you need more help than I can provide. good luck

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    if the engine idles fine but boggs down under load...definatly check the timming

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    Engine idles fine and runs well untill you hit about 4000rpm's. Thats when it bogs. It sounds like its either starving or getting too much fuel. As far as gaskets goes they are all brand new and everything was tightened to torque spec. I am leaning twards too much water in the headers. It is pouring out when I am running at 3000rpm. Sorry for posting in here and just jets but I am trying to get as much info as possible. Thanks guys for the help. i still wouldnt have been this far without all the help from this board

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